Neil Young On Recording Music, Sound, and Songwriting

If you have ever enjoyed Neil Young’s songwriting, then you should probably just take 30 minutes and then see this tiny gem of an interview with all the godhead himself.

Speaks about creating his massive noise for his latest record (Le Noise) using Daniel Lanois in detail. Guitarists should particularly   take note.   Also, it’s intriguing to note that the associations that Neil and Daniel happen collectively. They obviously trust each other completely and allowed each other strengths to take grip on the listing, and it displays.

There plenty of amazing quotes in this interview and apparently Neil just did 2 takes for each song on the album. Takes in Neil’s words:

They get technically better, but further from origin. -Neil Young

There are truth bombs like that aaaaaallllll over the place. It is very inspirational to listen to both of these legends provide such a blunt look at how they create fantastic records, since if you hadn’t heard Le Noise is wonderful.

Check the full interview below:

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