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Alright, you’ve got a book, or your thought is at the ready. Outstanding! But occasionally, as you write, you wonder, how is that going any location? Am I doing this right? Maybe you’ve got writer’s block or would like professional advice and encouragement that will assist you progress through your manuscript.

Our six-week program comprises the coach and the author putting their minds together and accepting the book from the thought, or starting, phases, via a finished framework for your book. The coach guides the author through each week’s writing and prep and returns the writer’s submission with thorough, encouraging, and detailed notes. This day, the coach and author meet on the internet or by phone to go over the week’s work, describe anything that requires explanation, brainstorm solutions, and build the author’s assurance.

Are you eager to compose your first novel? Perhaps you’ve launched one book but have a thought to get a second or even a third. If you are unsure what another step looks like about the course from concept to finished manuscript, then we can assist.

Our Jumpstart! Course explores subjects like locating motivation, sorting through ideas, how to start, with personal illustrations, writing a highly effective opening, preventing writer’s block, along with other helpful topics. It will orient you toward publishing success.

Please join us for this friendly, informative four-week practice, in which aspiring and established  writers get warm, online professional group coaching to help them begin.