Cover songs that Seem like the First

writing a new segment in which Manson repeatedly screams, “I gotta work with you and abuse you I gotta know what’s inside,” that can’t be exactly what Annie Lennox had in mind.

Even the optimistic “hold up your head” component is mutated, using Manson simply bellowing “moving” over and over again. He could not care less when you hold up your head, you just best move on.

clarified, Devo had left such a weird, bizarre, warped version of “Satisfaction,” the label would not release it with no Mick Jagger’s approval. And considering it was, that was. When members of Devo, his supervisor, and Jagger assembled in a Manhattan office, the group members were about how the song would be — taken by Jagger — one of their stone idols really nervous. After about 30 seconds of silently listening, he delivered his verdict by dance around and exclaiming “I like it, I like it” At least Mick Jagger gained lots of it, though Devo had no satisfaction.