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If we ignore the actual source seems, a bog component of the noise of analog devices are the inherent differences between reps of the identical note. In other words, a recurrent noise on an analog device will often change somewhat over time, whereas a recurrent digital sample will often have a “machine gun” effect.

Here’s a really good, rel-life example of this notion, created by recording a perennial riff on a Boss DR-100 drum machine, then only copying a sample of one of the noises:

“A brief comparison between the always moving analog audio vs a sample of exactly the same source. I used my Boss DR-110, analog drum machine which lacks any sound controls aside from main volume, balance and accent degree (used in mid place within this case). First you can hear the 16th trap pattern, recorded right from the DR-110; I took one of the recorded trap hits and glued it multiple times to make exactly the identical pattern”

The same could be done on any range of analog drum boxes, most magnificently on the TR-808.

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